You want to establish yourself as a KOL. You want to show the presentation to clients who couldn’t come. You want an educational tool. You want a record for your archive. You want to grind out clips for social. Or you simply want to see how you look on stage – there are many reasons why you should document your main presentation.


What makes this so good? The sound is spot on because it’s taken from the mixing desk and then synced in post. There is no flickering from the lights or slides because it’s a £7k camera. And no annoying grain – again – because of the quality of the lens and sensor.

Behind the scenes: this was all shot using just one camera, the cuts are masked behind audience shots. Using a single camera speeds up editing and reduces costs.


A stellar presentation from Dr. Stephen Mulholland. My job here is to capture his energy and content. The big skill is knowing when to move in (to document his engaging energy) and knowing when to pull back (to show the slides and give a wider picture).

Behind the scenes: when you have great natural light (as we have here) turn off the overheads for better results. I was also using video lighting soften the shadows and make the highlights sparkle.


What makes this so good? Yes, great sound and some nice lighting – all me – but it’s really the content that makes this video shine.

Behind the scenes: when shooting slides on a monitor like this you want to expose at the right level to show content, but you also want to see Mr Ghanem talk too! So there is an exposure balance to get right on the day and then tweak in post.


I’m doing an Wigmore Presents special – all talks between £300 and £500 depending on length and complexity. That’s to shoot, edit, sync audio and (if needed) add slides and graphics – the whole thing.

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