It’s a privilege to have the trust of so many big names in the industry. Over the last decade I’ve earned that trust by being reliable and delivering great results time after time.  I know that the videos I make deliver impressive ROI – one client describes his YouTube channel as video capital.


Some of the best clips from over the last decade all brought together on one place. It’s been fun!

Behind the scenes: this reel needs updating! I’ve got so much new material to put in – it’s just getting the time!


I love shooting testimonial videos – and this one ticks all the boxes! I love the eye contact and emotion of the moment. I love the cutaway shots that show the treatment being done. And the entire story arc – from having the tattoo at 16 to finally having it removed – is covered in just 60 seconds.

Behind the scenes: this was shot at least 8 years ago and technically it’s not perfect, there’s that strong clinical yellow downlighting and at one point he speaks to his wife off-camera. But I’ll take those hits in exchange for capturing his raw – authentic – joy.


A longer format here that starts with a to-camera testimonial, then breaks into a two shot consultation and progresses to a treatment. And finally concluded with a to-camera testimonial. Here we’ve combined the human drama with cutting edge medical procedures.

Behind the scenes: this was all shot on one camera and edited together seamlessly. Also hats-off to Donna who knew what she wanted to say and delivered it brilliantly.


Hey, I said I loved shooting testimonials – so this second one shouldn’t surprise you! Once again you have the narrative arc where you can see the problem, you can see operation and you can see the results. But just like the first testimonial really makes this really work is the charm of the patient.

Behind the scenes: this has been edited in a way that shows what’s happening but pulls back from being too graphic. This keeps our focus on the patient journey.


We work in an industry where appearances are very important – so it’s great to showcase a clinic in a beautiful way – these shots are also very useful for b-roll!

Behind the scenes: you might think this was shot using a gimbal – but you’d be wrong! The stabilisation in modern cameras is so good now you often don’t need that extra bit of kit to make shots like this.


Let your clients meet your medical professionals before they meet your medical professionals! If you can make a spark happen on video, then there will be instant recognition and connection at the face-to-face meeting.

Behind the scenes: the cuts are masked with b-roll. This was shot in about 20 minutes because everybody was well prepared.


I have shot a lot of close-up surgical video for universities around the country. Most of this can’t be shown on YouTube because it’s so graphic, but here is a short clip of a laser blepharoplasty performed by Prof Ali Ghanem. You’ll have to convince YouTube you are over 18 to see it!

Behind the scenes: I want to make the viewer feel they are observing the procedure but – at the same time – I want to provide detail that they wouldn’t normally perceive.


I’m doing a Wigmore Presents special – all talks between £300 and £500 depending on length and complexity. That’s to shoot, edit, sync audio and add slides and graphics – the whole thing.

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The videos look fantastic. We’re delighted with the outcome! - Miss Sherina Balaratnam, Medical Director, S-Thetics Clinic