You and your staff will use iPhones to produce awesome content – not only will this video be technically great, it will also be made with journalistic insight, giving your testimonials a commercial punch.

Each course will be tailored to the individual needs of the clinic – but broadly it will be 40% technical skill and 60% journalistic training.

Everything will be done on the iPhone to streamline the social media production.


All the training is hands-on and interactive. We start out by getting to know the iPhone better, how to lock the camera settings, making sure there is enough space on the phone, turning off calls and texts and fixing the vertical format.

Then we analyse the clinic and talk about the best areas for an interview and we’ll talk about the need for extra equipment to capture better sound and (if needed) better light.

After the basic technical stills are in place we progress to the journalistic side of things. How to ask open questions to get great quotes, and when to stop talking to let the client speak.

About Me

I’ve had 20 years of medical journalism experience – winning national awards.

On top of that I have 10 years of video experience specialising in aesthetic clinics – check out the video page to see a showreel.

I have extensive teaching and  lecturing experience – I’ve lectured at universities across the country.

Nick is awesome, I will work with him again soon! - Dr. Ali Ghanem, Senior Lecturer in Plastic Surgery